We loved the show, by far this is the best entertainment we have seen in almost any hotel. These people are very gifted and go above and beyond to create an atmosphere of good fun and entertainment. The meals and beverages during the show is also excellent. Overall we were pleased with the high quality and will attend the show next time we are staying with TRS.

The Chic cabaret is at the sister hotel to the TRS Coral, in which my wife and I remained. Make reservations well beforehand of your stay. The series is split into two topics. The first hour or so is favorite songs that everybody will understand, while the next hour is purely Latin songs. The dance is first-rate, and it’s excellent entertainment.¬†Talking with the waiter, he mentioned some tours for¬†scuba diving for the first time in cozumel that are a must for new visitors. I will definitely go soon to one of those! At the show, you can find pauses in the series to permit for the ample classes of meals to be served in the desk. The dress is semi-formal but up some dress, which will be fine. Highly suggested.

For starters, the series is waaay too long. 3 hours is a long time to sit down and watch entertainment in this way. The entertainers are excellent and also the patterns were enjoyable, but I wasn’t a fan of getting the women bend over and spread their legs to show what was involving. I know it’s the regular, but it isn’t something I had been anticipating at a 5 star hotel. The dancers seems stiff and learning their regular. The point is rather small and that I saw dancers literally hardwired to each other through operation.

The actors at Chic are nothing short of unique. This collection of young artists are amazing actors in numerous respects, voices are amazing. The series is immersive and non stop amusement. The food is really good, a bit over complicated/fancy, but at the close of the afternoon, it is about the series, not the food.

If you would like to be wholly immersed in amusement and have a wonderful meal, then this is the location! I strongly suggest attending the pre cabaret cocktail hour at the TRS reception first! There are several distinct beverages, costumes, and also a live band which all get the celebration started. The entertainment was fantastic and it’d you dancing along or dance in your chair for the entire 2 1/2 – 3 hours!

There were 8 classes and every of them had been cooked thoroughly and had amazing demonstration. Our wait staff was amazingly instant and we never waited to get a beverage or food. I really do recommend not eating a lot until you move since there’s a significant lot of meals served. What we really enjoyed about the series is how enthusiastic each the actors and wait staff appeared to be. Following the series, you could cheer or cheer them for their functionality and in doing this they’d thank you for coming. I would strongly recommend this show to anybody staying in the Palladium because it’d be well worth the cost!

We have been to the somewhat lame evening theater performances in the all-inclusives. This is completely different, largely due to the caliber of the actors and the seven-course chef’s supper. A half hours of high time dancing and singing, with choice to listen to live band prior to the show and audio afterwards. All actors are great, but a number of the musicians, artists, musicians and acrobats are excellent. Should you prefer to be amused by high heeled performances, then this is essential.

An wonderful series with quite professional dancers, excellent music, fantastic food, friendly and perfect support and lots of pleasure. It is possible to dance and drink before and after the series in a gorgeous atmosphere out in the event that you would like also. We all had a fantastic night and would really like to return shortly. I strongly urge everybody to find the series and have an wonderful evening with a great deal of fun!

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