My friend and I have recently returned from 11 nights in this fantastic hotel, and we could have easily stayed for another 11 nighttime! Everything about this resort is luxurious, the area is beautiful, the beds are very comfortable, and the view is fantastic! I used the bathtub a couple of times but I used it more. Our room was cleaned daily, and fresh towels were awarded, we also had a robe each.

The dinner buffet was delicious, I basically lived on enormous shrimp and lobster tails with vegetables and rice. I recommend that after your initial day of checking in which you go and try to book some of the restaurants at the sister hotel, so it is possible to try and find the times you prefer as the 7.30-9pm slots go first. We have seen the vast majority of the restaurants, we gave the Mexican a miss because we heard a lot of bad things from reviews and people we met on vacation. The remaining restaurants were lovely, we appreciated the steakhouse the most. Also to note in the Japanese restaurant that you do not order from a menu. Then, they bring out sushi to begin then soup I think it was then the man will come out and do his thing and cook beef, prawns vegetables, and rice and you permanently are extended a bit of everything; the downfall for me was given the meat/prawns last as we had eaten our rice and veg.

We also made use of this room service when we had been out late and had the munchies.

The all-inclusive drinks were all premium, and they have a big selection of cocktails to pick from, the cocktails in the bar in the hotel are somewhat more beautiful than the swim up bad ones, but they were all nice!

All the employees are amazing in this hotel – they recommended me a mini submarine tour in cozumel that sounds really fun, and they cannot do enough for you. Nothing was ever a problem. I really wish I could recall all the names, but there was a woman who had been at breakfast each morning that would seat you, and she was beautiful, she’d bring a rack on to our table to hang our luggage on and would always make sure we had coffee, etc. Javier who was generally outside in the afternoon would go out of his way to ensure you’re comfortable, he’d provide you color if necessary, bring water or food, 1 day he only randomly brought us a new bowl of fruit, he really is a credit to the hotel!

The vibe in the resort is quite much chilled which I really liked, it was mainly couples of all ages, but my buddy and I did not feel uncomfortable, and we did get speaking to lots of couples there.

The resort does have activities during the day, and at times in the day, I participate in the sport yoga as well as the spinning in the pool, they have a swimming pool party on a Saturday, and they play games, etc. I would recommend heading to Coco Bongos, you are able to book this with the resort. I would watch out for being offered time stocks in the hotel, I was already aware of this when a woman tried offering me free massages, etc. I knew what was coming so I ended up pretty quickly, if you do not they will have you talking for ages.