My family and I stayed in the summer place a week. We all had a wonderful time and felt at home Henny and the team were great! The condo was very nice, clean and also had its own pool for the children. I would strongly recommend it for family’s or large groups. Nice patio with darts and BBQ grill by the pool for entertaining.

It had been really silent, and we felt as though we had been at home in our own backyard. The environment of the pool and garden were very relaxing and fairly. Our accommodations were very clean and we had all we needed for a fun holiday. The employees were very friendly and incredibly useful. The proprietor Henny made certain that we had all we needed and was exceptionally attentive and type. The place is excellent as it is a brief walk into the grocery stores and stores. Neighborhood restaurants and the major strip are within a 5 minute walk. 1 thing that’s extremely valuable to me is that you can find comfortable beds, and they’re comfy! Thank you for hosting us and we’ll be back again shortly.

We love to travel to the magical waters of Cozumel. It is always a different experience. Either because we change accommodation, or because we decided to do a new activity. Had the pleasure to talk with interesting people who work there and in their free time go fishing with some pros around the island. They talked about el cielo how to get there so we can go with our party. The island still has something new to show us every time. This summer place is an example of that. To be honest, we can not always prevent this place from being one of our first choices when we travel to Cozumel. It is an excellent place to stay. The service and the rooms are very convenient. Such a nice place to stay every time you come to the island.

Liked setting of spacious kitchen from the pool. Quite near grocery stores and solutions. About 20 second walk into accessible beach club. Nice combination of solitude and societal opportunities. Henny, John and Joe (son) make a hot homestyle stay.

Henney and staff did everything to make our stay feel like home. The accommodations were clean and I’ve observed firsthand the cleanup procedure. When folks left, a significant cleanup of what was performed on all levels. If something was lost or desired, all you did was ask, and it was done immediately. Friendships were produced with Henney and team I will cherish forever. Thank you Henney, my buddy forever.

I couldn’t have asked for a more ideal family traveling experience. Our standards for our long stay were: 1) secure and tidy, leaving no space for doubt on 2) central place so we can walk to the shore and shops easily 3) capability to prepare foods 4) dependable Wi-Fi so that I could operate remotely during our stay 5) hosts which could help us if desired – we talk minimal Spanish. There’s yet another I would add today that we have been there- a swimming pool is vital throughout the summer months. Summer Place Inn fulfilled all these standards, and really exceeded all our expectations and dreams. It is rare that a excursion lives up into the fantasy – that one certainly did. Henny, along with her son, Joe, possess the building. The first level homes their Re/Max property division, along with 3 resort design king size rooms which have a private patio shared with these rooms. Perfect location to put in the hammock for a rest or read softly. Upstairs are two more components – Henny and Joe’s on either side, along with the condominium rental on the opposite. Bottled water is supplied, in addition to antibacterial wash for create, and whatever you want to prepare foods. Getting Henny and Joe onsite wasn’t in any way obtrusive- rather the contrary. They strike an ideal balance of friendly helpfulness without making you feel as though you’re being viewed. Henny even brought some cake she’d left on Sunday evenings. As opposed to drone on, I believe this sums up the trip for me personally – I’d really like to return for a month. Remaining at Summer Place Inn made me think there’s a better life out there- much less hassle, more ease, more entertaining and comfort. Easy living with great home cooked foods prepared with conversation and friends within tropical beverages following a swim in hot, blue sea. Life does not get any better.


We booked two double bedrooms for ourselves and outside sister and brother-in-law, using a well equipped kitchen and a beautiful pool to get a two week stay in Cozumel. The supervisors anticipated our every need and also the lodging more than fulfilled our needs. Near grocery shops for walking and jelqing distance to the sea. Fantastic for our holiday season.

We’ve always been very happy, so tidy and clean, pleasant things to examine and a beautiful pool. Located at a very road, near the two biggest super markets around the island together with ATM’s, laundry and whatever you want. Beautiful outdoor kitchen nicely sheltered for sunlight and some other weather in direct link to the pool place. A candy harmonic little location. Henny Watts and her loved ones provide exceptional service and we always felt welcome. The hosts, acquiring the background in Canada in addition to Denmark/Europe, know what the people want and expect.Summerplace Inn is a location we’d suggest to other people and we anticipate to return.